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My Shack

After becoming an Amateur Radio operator in Aug of 2000, (Original call sign of KC8PIJ) an operating station needed to be constructed. The shack as seen above was designed and constructed with the help of Bil "W8EB" who was mostly responsible for my involvement into this hobby. Well maybe not mostly. Hi hi. My "XYL" played a huge part since she decided that I needed a hobby and Bil was happy to oblige in her request.
Since that time my "XYL" has received her Amateur Radio License (W9MSU) [General] and my daughter Kelly (K9MSU). Yes Michigan State University plays an important role in our lives.

You can find me on the air during the summer mounts operating from my 5th Wheel while on the many camping trips. While camping I utilize my FT-857 with a Hustler BT5-TV antenna. This configuration has performed very well in the many remote locations we've visited.

The design concept of the shack allows for easier access to the radio and computer connections. The wiring closet provides easy access without disturbing all the equipment. I'm not quite sure why you'd need this type of access since this is a "wireless hobby" Hi hi.

On Monday - Friday you can find me on the North Cars Road and Information Service Net on 7.197 from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM Eastern Time from any of my locations. Look forward to seeing you there.