2012 Winter WonderLand Special Event

January 28, 2012 Winter Wonderland Special Event activities took place at the Harris Nature Center facility located in Meridian Township, Ingham County, Okemos, MI. The event was another successful event for the local community as well as those that took part vai Ham Radio.

The event ran from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Usually, about 400-450 people attend this event. We were wondering what types of winter activities we’d be able to provide due to the very mild winter we are experiencing this year. Fortunately we were blessed with enough snow fall and colder weather on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be able to provide most of our winter activities. The only winter activity that was limited was snow shoeing. The rest of the winter activities too place without a hitch.

Of course our amateur radio demonstration took place Indoors at the center.

Here’s a brief summary of the Ham Radio activities that took place to make this a successful event:

- We obtained Special Event Call Sign: W8W with the work of Bruce K2BET. The W8W coincides with the Winter Wonderland Event..

- We had our usual cast of characters (Ham Operators) for setup, participation of the event and tear down.

Bill Blick - W8EB

Bob Maron - K8RLM

Paul Streng - N8PBS

Doug Kilner - KD8CLV

Dave Metzger - K8GVK

Ed Oxer - W8EO

Joe Levine - W8JRK

Ralph Steinberger - KW8G

Bruce Tanner - K2BET

And the partisipation of several future HAMS.

I truly apologize for any other Hams I missed in this publication. I know others were in attendance.

- The antenna erection party was held on Friday.

- Saturday morning, two independent HF stations were in operation. Operational modes of CW, SSB and Echo Link were utilized throughout the event.

- Ralph conducted Morse Code training on the CW practice oscillators and generated a lot of interest for the hoby.

- Special Event QSL cards W8W were sent out all contacting stations.

All in all we had a great day.

Below is our QSL card and certificate use for this years special event. W8W, Special Events Amateur Radio Station participated in the Winder Wonderland Activites presented by the Harris Nature Center and Meridian Township Parks and Recreation program.

W8W 2012 Call Log

W8W Log

Photos from this years event - Enjoy!

Link to the Harris Nature Center Site

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