College friends - July 2007!

During the summer we have a get together from time to time with our college friends. During the summer months, we have gatherings at our cabin since we built it. We've had a many of our family members as well as college friends enjoy the camping, campfires and sharing great fellowship. We always look forward to the next one. The following are some of the pictures taken during the outing in July of 2007

Brad keeping an eye on the fire. Someone has to do it. Robert making sure their's enough firewood. Bob and Carolyn discussing tonights activities.

Who knows what Bob is up to this time. Jordon, Robert and Cheryl planning the next activity. Bob and Carolyn telling stories.

Robert, Cheryl and Jordon enjoying the campfire. Cheryl attentively listening to the creatures in the woods.

.. Scott and Carolyn enjoying a day away from the chores at the farm. ...
Brad, Ellen, Scott and Carolyn catching up on past events and telling stories of what's to come. Robert, Jordon, and Jason getting ready to add wood to the fire.

.. Ellen and Brad preparing the meal over the open fire. We always have some great vittles cooked over the fire.

Carolyn getting loving from Sarah. Looks like a sing-a-long.

Cheryl sharing her beer with Sarah. Jordon spending some quality time with Maggie.


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