Maron Campground - Memorial Day 2008!

The summer holidays generally find the gang getting together for some camping fun. Memorial Day 2008 was spent at the Maron Campground at our cabin. When the cabin was build, we constructed a small campground equipped with electrical and water for our family and friends RV's so they can share the fun in Manistee. The following are some of the pictures taken of that outing. “And yes we do more than Eat!”

All the meals are cooked on the open fire. The guys do the dirty part of cooking the grub over the fire. We have plenty of wood so the fire is usually going from the start to the end of the weekend.

This year’s group include (The Marons, “Bob & Lori”, Bil Blick and Dorothy Vanconant , The Ziesler’s “Fred & Linda”, The Russell’s “Bob & Lynn”, Martica Thompson “Lori’s Mother”, Jan Rorick, and the dogs “Emma, Sally, and Maggie”, and anyone else that stopped by to have a beverage or two.

Dorothy’s birthday falls near Memorial Day. The rigs provide us the opportunity to have ice cream while camping.

Captain Bob “K8RLR” operating CW from the campground. Bob is also a pilot. Thus the name of “Captain Bob”. "Of this group we have 6 ham radio operators. [W8EB, W8DCV, K8RLR KD8CEN, K8RLM and W9MSU].
"Nothing like a good fire to start preparing the next meal.

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