Winter at the Cabin!

Manistee County on average receives 145 inches of snow.

The snow piles off the front of the porch are the result of the snow sliding off the green metal room. Its close to 15 feet from the ground to the roof line. The snow pile has come to that depth by the end of winter. As you can guess the piles last until late spring.

It is not uncommon to received 6Ē of snow overnight. If youíre a winter person, the look can be breath taking.

We really enjoy the walks in the winter to take in the beauty of the snow, and wildlife. Itís amazing how quite it is being out in the woods with the snow on the ground.

This past winter I purchased my first set of snowshoes. I was amazed how well they worked in the deep snow. I walked around our property in 2 to 3 feet of snow and had very little trouble navigating the shoes. Talk about good exercise!

A number of the roads around our cabin are seasonal roads. Itís not uncommon to have 2 to 4 feet of snow in the road. This area of Manistee County utilizes the seasonal roads as snowmobile routes. They even put up little road signs to help with the snowmobile traffic, not that thereís a lot of it. EMMA has a great a great time navigating the Deep Snow. Its a lot taller than she is.

Most of the snow removal is done with my Honda ATV. It s a lot of fun go get out and play around in the snow. On occasion the snow gets too deep or a big snowstorm hits, I bring in a front-end loader to push the piles back and remove the heavy snow. This doesnít happen all than often so most of the time I can clear the snow with my ATV. One of the reasons I purchased it.

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