Move in Time".
Labor Day weekend 2005 we moved the furniture in and spent the first weekend in the cabin. The furniture was purchase in Ludington MI.

First floor bedroom.

Kitchen living room combination. Since this picture was taken weíve purchased a television that actually fits the opening in the cabinet.

First floor bathroom. Check out the shower curtain !

The front porch is one of our favorite things we like about the cabin. Itís great just to sit out there and watch the wildlife, the rain or just relax.

One of the upstairs bedrooms. This one we call the ďZieslerĒ room. We keep the dogs out of this room to help Fred and his allergies to animals.

The other upstairs bedroom. This is the larger of the two. The room that appears to be a closet was plumbed for a half bath before the walls were installed. Iíve since completed this room as a half bath so the upstairs guests donít have to make the trip downstairs in the middle of the night to use the facilities. Well they could use the privy if they were so inclined to walk out into the campground!! It does get dark at night and there are bears out there!

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