The Cabin Starts to Take Shape".

The log Home is a kit purchased from Jim Barna Log Systems

The log Home construction is contracted through Wanstead Builders Inc. Leroy, Michigan

The week of April 30, 2005 saw a lot of building activities. The “D” style log walls were put into place for the first floor. The tung and groves allow for weather sealant to be placed between the logs for a tight fit. The sealant is visible in the door and window openings.

As the logs are put into place the cabin continues to take shape. It was amazing how quickly the stacking of logs produced the cabin. Just like a giant pile of “Lincoln Logs” I played with when I was a kid.

On I was really surprised how precise the logs connected to each other. Each Jim Barna log home is cut and assembled at the factory to ensure the parts connect together. At that point each part is numbered, stacked and shipped to the building site.

The electrical wiring was inserted and run horizontally as the logs were put into place. The wiring ran to a door opening and then to the basement for connections. I never stopped to think that the wiring had to be in place as the logs were set. There are no hollow exterior walls to run electrical through after the fact.

It sure makes the job easier when you have the right equipment like the High-low. A view from the road as the house takes shape.

Within 3 weeks, the walls, porch, second floor and sub-roof were put in place.

The second floor was standard construction utilizing 2x6 studding. This width along with the sheeting coincides with the thickness of the “D” style logs.

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